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Dr Yvonne Sum, Leadership Coach and Author, is back on the Bigger Picture, this time to talk about her new book, 'Intentional Parenting', which marries the principles of business leadership and parenting. She claims this approach allows for more efficient and enjoyable parenting experience. We find out more with Meera Sivasothy.

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Paradox International

Paradox International intentionally transforms global leaders and their tribes in business and community (individually and in group forums) via training, coaching or speaking engagements.

Home to Transformational Leadership Challenge: TLC™ Intentional Parenting series of programs where children’s potential globally is unleashed through actualizing their parents as inspiring and resourceful leaders for their families. This parenting program with a difference has been endearingly dubbed “The Greatest Challenge on Earth”.

The corporate equivalent of this program: TLC™ Intentional Leadership series engages professionals, executives and members of the business community to know and show their leadership essence in learning partnership with their teams to excite them to extraordinary performance.

We partner to provide well-researched programs and resources from BlessingWhite, Blue Ocean Strategy, CPP, Institute of Neuro-Semantics, Human Synergistics and The Human Enterprise.

Clients and collaborators who have co-created and delivered programs with Paradox International have valued our spirit of authenticity, community, excellence, excitement and integrity.

Dr Yvonne Sum has designed her programs for those intent upon:

  1. Self Discovery - begin with reading her blogs & books, listening to her prerecorded classes/ webinars/ keynote sessions, or working through eLearning modules to clarify your intent and outcomes
  2. Group Facilitation - sign up for live teleclasses, webinars and working sessions online, or bring her to your locality to work with you and your tribe to transform your leadership challenges through peer consulting and learning
  3. Keynote Speaking - invite Dr Yvonne Sum to your live event to inspire you and your tribe towards your Highest Intent
  4. Transformational Coaching - work one-on-one with Dr Yvonne Sum to set and get your intentions and outcomes

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Dr Sum’s keynotes include:

  • Intentional Leadership - Start Losing your Mind to Come to your Senses. For Managers & Leaders.
  • Intentional Parenting - Start Kidding Yourself. For Parents & Educators.
  • Intentional Business - Start Surrendering to Succeed. For Teams in business.
  • Intentional Living - Start Playing More. For Personal & Professional Development audience

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