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Dr Yvonne Sum, Leadership Coach and Author, is back on the Bigger Picture, this time to talk about her new book, 'Intentional Parenting', which marries the principles of business leadership and parenting. She claims this approach allows for more efficient and enjoyable parenting experience. We find out more with Meera Sivasothy.

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The 7Rs of Parenting

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The 7Rs of Parenting $49.97 AUD

Parenting is paradoxical. It can be seen as the greatest gift to us whilst being the hardest job to undertake. Has it not been said that even with the heaviest task, it is easy when our spirits are light. Hence, my intention for this eCourse is to help us re-create parenting as a joyful learning collaboration with co-parent and child(ren).

In choosing to incorporate "The 7Rs of Parenting" in your life, my hope is that you will find a structured process to deliver parenting in a manner that adds quality to your relationships, takes nothing away from your parenting signature style and gives you more permission to use your innate genius within.

I am encouraging you to keep a journal during this program for several reasons. One, it will help you track the changes through the 7 days.Two, this creates an opportunity to count your wins/successes along the way - no matter how trivial it may seem at the time. Three, it forces you to put muscle into action of what may only seem an idea/thought in your mind by writing it down - a simple yet effective way of forming a new habit. When you complete the 7-day program, I would love for you to review your journal, and to hear from you at least one thing (no matter how small it may seem to you)that you have implemented in your life that has made all the difference!

Throughout this 7-day program, I am happy to assist you with answering any questions you may have regarding implementing "The 7Rs of Parenting" in your life. Should you have no questions at all, I would certainly love to celebrate any of your wins along the way when you choose to share them with me. Please feel free to contact me at