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Dr Yvonne Sum, Leadership Coach and Author, is back on the Bigger Picture, this time to talk about her new book, 'Intentional Parenting', which marries the principles of business leadership and parenting. She claims this approach allows for more efficient and enjoyable parenting experience. We find out more with Meera Sivasothy.

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"Very insightful."

Bec Newman, Author and Mother

"Loved Yvonne's enthusiasm - you can tell you are ver ypassionalte about the topic."

Janie Looi, Mother Who Has Just Returned to Work

"Engaging, constructive and excellent 2 hours which gave me food for thought on my life & myself"

Mala Neery, New Mother About to Return to Work

"A bit like the Apple story - I'm leaving today having learnt something that I didn't know I needed!"

Kate Stevenson, Working Mother of 3

"Bring in husbands as well. I feel I got lots of info from the experience ...to see things from a child's perspective, stop and observe"

Samantha Dobrin, Fulltime Mother

"When I started the program I had no idea how fantastic the experience would be, or how it would let me reflect not only on my business life but also my personal relationships.  Personally I found the process a great way of challenging not only my thoughts but also helping me then challenge the people around me in a positive way.  I would highly recommend the coaching program to anyone that is lucky enough to be given the opportunity to participate. My coach, Yvonne, is not only a great coach but a fantastic person who has enabled me to achieve beyond what I thought possible during a turbulent time in my life."

Nerida Trappett, CUA Head of Accounting

"Both Yvonne and I nominated some personal and professional goals for me to achieve during the [High Performance Coaching] programme. These have either been met or milestones have been achieved towards meeting them fully. The support Yvonne has offered, particularly through a period when our family suffered a personal loss worked well." Tony Martyn, CUA Head of Mobile Lending and Commercial Finance

"I found the coaching to be invaluable to my development and the development of my team.  My goal was to learn new tools and techniques that could be classed as "Best Practice" and I believe I achieved that."

Peter Jensen, CUA Regional Manager

"All in all a fantastic and valuable coaching experience that I felt safe in exposing and exploring some very deep and challenging aspects of self both personally and professionally.  Yvonne used tools and techniques that added great value and insight to truly challenge me which is were most value came.  Yvonne assisted me to view many aspects of life in a different way which has truly added to my happiness and well being.  This has positively impacted me in both my professional and personal life.  Yvonne is an amazing lady and through this coaching experience, Yvonne and the learning’s provided will remain with me for the rest of my life.  Thank you!"

John George, CUA Group GM Service Operations

Yvonne was so inspiring! I loved the breadth and depth of her knowledge. Her sources are so varied (books/philosophies) there is something to interest everyone. This course was brilliant and much fun was had. Some very useful tools. Facilitator Yvonne was absolutely lovely and charming and was equally intelligent and engaged.

Senior Manager

“Impactful ....excellent speaker and insightful content! Highly practical! A GOLD for any leader!...Refresh the thoughts and commitment to turn practice to habit.”

Keith Teh

“The facilitator use story telling effectively to convey her ideas.”

Rahim Aziz

“I have made commitment to master NLP (frame, reframe etc) skills, to become an effective communicator. Your Walt Disney story inspire me to pursue my dream, I will go into the reality room then the critic rom in next 6 months, to make it happen! TQ, Dr Yvonne, u really inspired me! My dream is to create a blue ocean market in Malaysia performance art industry! & to revive the industry!”

Winson Phuah

“.... Interaction, the way of bringing us into a new path (stories, practical examples etc) ...”

Yoann Sapanel, Market Analyst/ Consultant

“Address the softer side of BOS formulation & execution.... The time & effort to make the connection between what was taught & BOS.”

Phillip Ng, Country Manager

“Thank you for being honest and truthful in your sharing & encouragement.”


“I find the power point presentation really amazing. A picture paints a thousand words; The chart that she used stimulate my visual & enhance my understanding on the message; Related stories and example strengthen the message... It totally transform my mind and gave me a new perspective of communication”

Leslie Lian, Project Coordinator

“Within such a short time and despite challenging training facility (setup), Yvonne is able to connect so well with the trainees. I am on the verge of being transformed. Can you be my coach?.... Excellent delivery. V Professional... Inspired to put lessons learnt into practice”

Leong Lai Fong, Managing Consultant

“Storytelling was beautiful! Facilitator’s VOICE >> clarity of speech & intonation. Excellent use of slides & choice of pictures in slides”


“Leading examples.”

Josephine Woon, Business Development Manager

“Visual illustrations & simple message. Use of stories.... Sound Principles. Just need the discipline of Practice & consistent practice.”

Sam Wong