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Taking time out when I am most overwhelmed

It is about 2 weeks before the ‘Big Move’ for my family. It has been frantic. There just seems to be so much to DO and not enough time to do it. I feel like screaming. Yet I have been trying to be composed through it all.

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In the midst of trying to organise for our relocation, I am travelling to fulfil my commitments with conferences on three continents – every one on the furthest ends of the earth from one another – firstly in Australia, then another in the USA and lastly in Sri Lanka. It had to happen all at once within the last month of the ‘Big Move’!

To top it all,  my daughter decided that she preferred to defer her move with us till the end of the year. Her argument was that it was her final year of Primary School, and as a sense of completion, she would like to graduate with her cohort as a milestone in her life. (She still remembers having not completed her preschool when we shunted her to a new school – and she staunchly protested that she was too young at the time to articulate it.) My husband and I talked it through and thought it reasonable enough – so we arranged for her to stay. Until the new school she was about to go to confirmed that she could not defer her acceptance without losing her place – and had to go back on the waitlist. So began a whole series of negotiations … to her credit, she even wrote a letter to appeal to the new school Director to hold her place for the very reasons that swayed our decision!

As we await his decision (and the uncertainty that goes with it), we are still moving ahead with organising the ‘Big Move’….

… I had to take a step back to reflect on the madness of these seemingly overwhelming events. Stop DOing, I said to myself. Just BE. Review what is working. Count our blessings. Let what cannot change be. Have faith that it will come good. Much has already been done. Stop fretting. Don’t be perfect. Breathe! …

… It’s amazing how just by BEing meant certain things then started to take care of themselves. How ‘earth angels’ stepped out to help in the most unexpected ways.

So I took another deep breath of gratitude. It cleared my head. Lifted my spirits. As the ‘Big Move’ approaches, I now trust that I have DOne enough to get it going in the right direction. I am letting it BE. Big sigh.

It is time now to savour the start of this new adventure ….. enjoying every little moment ….

to be continued …

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